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Re: Fwd: Re: Making It Easy For New Authors (was Re: Style Guide)

On Oct 11, 10:27am, Toby Russell wrote:
> Subject: Fwd: Re: Making It Easy For New Authors (was Re: Style Guide)
> Hi,
> I am newcomer to LDP. I decided to help markup assistance for one of the
> HOWTO "Netscape+proxys". But I am not able to start my work. I am not
> able to find good book or source that gives help in SGML.
> Can u provide me some help in How to start write SGML files ? How to
> convert the SGML files to XML/HTML/...etc

Start with the LDP Author Guide:


In our "author's resources" area


There are pointers to various helpful documents/books

   DocBook: The Definitive Guide, by Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner

   Using DocBook HOWTO, by Jorge Godoy

and there also pointers to downloadable template files for
HOWTOs (in DocBook and Linuxdoc SGML).


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