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Using AbiWord as WYISYG editor for SGML? (DocBook or LinuxDoc)


I've done a little experimentation trying to use AbiWord to edit SGML in
a WYSISYG fashion.  (For example,  I've taken an sgml file, pasted on
the AbiWord headers from a valid AbiWord file, added the </section> and
<abiword> tags at the end of the document.  Basically I get messages to
the effect that it is a bogus file.)

Has anyone else tried this?  Been more successful?

Does anyone know of a real WYSIWYG  editor for SGML?  (or WYSIWYM as the
LyX people might say)

Aside: I've looked at the Oasis "XML Cover Pages"
(http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/publicSW.html#xed) but I haven't found
anything real useful.  (XED is not WYSIWYG in the sense of the acronym
that I've grown used to, and most of the links to Symposia seem to be
dead (including the trial download link) (and, on the Oasis page,
Symposia is described as an HTML WYSIWYG editor, not SGML.)

I'm thinking about editing (commenting on -- and maybe writing) some
HOWTOs for the LDP, but I'd like an easy way to read the formatted
document and insert my comments.

Randy Kramer

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