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Re: Cataloging LDP

Sandy Harris wrote:
> Greg Ferguson wrote:
> > We have the HOWTOs categorized/sorted in a multitude of different ways:
> >
> > - By Category (linux os, sys admin, h/w, networking, etc.):
> >        http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/categories.html
> >
> > - By (Modify) Date:
> >        (recent updates) http://www.linuxdoc.org/sorted_howtos.html
> >        (full list) http://www.linuxdoc.org/sorted_howtos_full.html
> >
> > - Alphabetically:
> >        (by title) http://www.linuxdoc.org/sorted_howtos_title.html
> >        (by filename) http://www.linuxdoc.org/sorted_howtos_quick.html
> >
> > - By Type (HOWTO/mini-HOWTO)
> >        http://www.linuxdoc.org/sorted_howtos_type.html
> >
> > - Master Indexed List w/descriptions, date:
> >        http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/HOWTO-INDEX/howtos.html
> >
> > Most of these lists are derived from attributes stored in the
> > SGML source files.
> It seems clear, though, that we need much more than that. Suppose
> a user is trying to solve a specific problem. For example, he wants
> to add some NFS services to his network and is concerned about
> security implications, administrative problems, etc.
> He can perhaps find the NFS HowTo and Security Guide easily enough,
> either via the Category or Alpha indexes. Great. Those are likely
> the main things he needs.
> Finding the other things he might need is much harder. At the very
> least, I'd want to look at everywhere NFS is mentioned in any doc.
> Is there a note in the RAID or Multi-disk HowTo about some obscure
> interaction with NFS I need to avoid? Does one of the Network Admin
> docs cover NFS admin issues? Does the Boewulf stuff have useful
> info on NFS with huge numbers of clients? If I have Windows
> clients, what document (if any) gives guidance for the NFS versus
> Samba choice?
> Yes, I know how to use grep, I can guess where to look for at
> least the issues I can think of (if I have time), and there's some
> hope the NFS HowTo writer put in all the right links (if he or she
> had time, and thought of them, and the HowTo is up to date), but
> I still want a good index.
> Indexing the HowTos likely isn't enough either. One question that
> might require more is:
> Do I need to take steps to synchronise times on my servers if I'm
> going to use make or CVS on NFS disks? If so, where is that
> documented? The make man page? Make docs in info format?
> CVS docs which may not even be on LDP?

Bingo Sandy!!  Now let's keep hammering that idea because that's what
I'm working on: a Linux Documentation System!!  A System is like a car,
it has an engine, body, transmission, and wheels, but each of them make
up the car.  Such is LDP, but it currently looks and acts like
somethings broken and that's why I'm taking a few months off and of my
own time and attack this problem.  The end result is to increase the
adoption rate of Linux users by making it easier to get quick answers. 
Thanks for the reenforcement of the issue I am addressing and trying to

If any of you can think of issue which I need to consider, please don't
hesitate to ask the quesitons.  I may not have an answer right away, but
it'll give me something to think about while I doing what I'm doing.

BTW, how should I send out the first draft of this?  Email body?  Plain
text attachment?

> I need to see more specifics on what you're proposing. Hence,
> I'll wait for the paper (I'm hoping it contains a fair amount
> of detail ;-)).

Greg, if you can help me by asking questions about issues which are of
concern to you and others, it could help me out.  I'll still do the
work, but feedback and input will help until the framework is done, then
it's on to the details (sorry Greg, foundation first, then I'll work on
the paint of the house next ;-)  )

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