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Re: Cataloging LDP

Kevin Cullis wrote:
> 1  Process
> 1.1  Linux Development
> 1.1.1  Theory/Philosophy
> 1.1.2  Planning: Architect Design/Requirements Gathering
> 1.1.3  Coding
> 1.1.4  Compiling
> 1.1.5  Testing
> 1.1.6  Release/Acceptance
> 1.1.7  Maintenance
> 1.2  Linux User and Administration
> 1.2.1  Background Information
> 1.2.2  Pre-installation requirements (chipset or specifications of
> hardware, etc.)
> 1.2.3  Installation
> 1.2.4  Configuration
> 1.2.5  Maintenance/Tune-up
> 1.2.6  Troubleshooting
>  Pre- and Post-Dependencies of subject matter ( what items
> affect it working correctly)
>  Where to go for more info (i.e. to manufacturer for specs)

Funny, this list is not entirely unlike the structure in the

> The one question I have not figured out yet, is how to do a
> Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced sort of subject matter.  Should we
> reclassify some things to basics/intermediate/advanced?  Let me know.

The way I see it a HOWTO should cater for the entire range of
readers, hopefully bringing the novice up to speed. I added a
reading plan to my HOWTO,and also the template (chapter 2.3) on
request from a reader.

How does this scheme fit in with your views?

   Stein Gjoen

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