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Re: Publicity via the LWN

On Oct 16,  9:59am, David C. Merrill, Ph.D. wrote:
> Subject: Publicity via the LWN
> Hey everybody,
> Do you think it would be a good idea to do a weekly update to the
> LWN on additions and enhancements to our documents? I'm thinking
> about something simple, that would not take a lot of time or effort
> for somebody to do. For example, compiling the "update" announcements
> that we get from Greg Ferguson into a single weekly update to be
> included in the "Development" section of the LWN. A paragraph
> summarizing other goings-on with the project would be great, too.
>  Maybe even a "to do" list.
> This would give us good PR, would let many more people stay up to
> date, and would let people know about the good work that is going
> on here. It would even attract more volunteers.
> Is there somebody that would consider taking this on?

I'm willing to work with someone on this. Stein Gjoen has been
providing a monthly article to LWN (on behalf of the LDP); perhaps
he can assist (Stein?) or provide us with contacts at LWN to work

We also wanted to try to post such an article to comp.os.linux.answers,
but we haven't been able to establish contact with the moderator of
the newsgroup (that was the last update I had heard on this issue).


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