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Re: Publicity via the LWN

"David C. Merrill, Ph.D." wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> Do you think it would be a good idea to do a weekly update to the LWN on

Absolutely. Or rather bi-weekly, see below.

> additions and enhancements to our documents? I'm thinking about something
> simple, that would not take a lot of time or effort for somebody to do. For

Ahh, wishful thinking.

> example, compiling the "update" announcements that we get from Greg Ferguson
> into a single weekly update to be included in the "Development" section of
> the LWN. A paragraph summarizing other goings-on with the project would be
> great, too. Maybe even a "to do" list.
> This would give us good PR, would let many more people stay up to date, and
> would let people know about the good work that is going on here. It would
> even attract more volunteers.
> Is there somebody that would consider taking this on?

I'd like to know too; I'd like to hand over that job.

As you probably already knew I have written a few LWN submissions earlier
and people at the LWN said a biweekly submission would be best. Some of
my earlier submissions are on my home page:

BTW these simple updates ended up taking a bit of time, every time.

   Stein Gjoen

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