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Re: Documentation Metrics

From: "Paul Jones" <pjones@metalab.unc.edu>
> David and company,
> why not take a look at the OMF (open source document metadata
> framework) that we developed this summer? it uses dublin core (and
> RDF) compliant fields, allows for user creation of metadata (or by experts
> such as your self ;->), searching and separation of the metadata from the
> documents (as in a card catalog and a book, say). we've just been meeting
> with eric miller of the RDF project (and late of Dublin Core) and it looks
> like we can have interoperability with Rufus, the RMP RDF-based search
> engine as well.
> at the open source documentation summit in monterey this summer, folks
> from several open source doc projects gave us their approval and the
> docbook guy, oops i forget his name just now, is talking about integrating
> the metadata in to docbook (from which it could be extracted if desired).
> for more see http://www.ibiblio.org/osrt/omf/

I *have* looked at the omf, and I will be using it once I have gathered the
data. Right now, the task is gathering the data. Generating omf meta-data,
as well as other types of indexing, will come later.

That it could be integrated into docbook intrigues me. I assume that means
you will no longer need a separate xml file to store the metadata, but that
it will be embedded within the HOWTO xml itself?


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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