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Re: List formatting in Docbook -> PDF/PS

On Oct 15,  6:45pm, Dan Scott wrote:
> Subject: List formatting in Docbook -> PDF/PS
> Hello, just dropping in to chat about the formatting of lists through
> the Docbook -> PDF/PS transform. IIRC, we use jade to go from Docbook
> to HTML, then use htmldoc to go from HTML to PS and PDF. Unfortunately,
> there's a bug in this chain that ends up with list items having
> entirely too much vertical whitespace in the PDF and PS output.
> ...

I've got the fix for this (and quite a few other print-variant
related problems) in place. The first available doc to take
advantage of this is the HOWTO-INDEX. If you're at all interested,
you can see the new and hopefully improved PDF output here:


This is based on work Mark Komarinski and I did while shaping the
LDP Author Guide (to get a decent print copy), and what was provided
to us by Dan Scott (thanks Dan...).

I intend to run the DocBook SGML content thru this to re-generate
their PDF and Postscript variants (if I'm not mistaken, only
those HOWTOs in DocBook were effected by these problems).


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