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Re: Algorithms-HOWTO tentative outline

Excerpts from mail: 26-Oct-100 Re: Algorithms-HOWTO tentat.. by David C.
> Hmmmmmm. The data structures and algorithms themselves tend to be fairly
> language-independent (conceptually), but obviously the implementations
> vary. Perhaps some enterprising soul(s) might translate your C examples
> into other languages. Are you open to the idea of providing worked
> examples in multiple languages? Maybe in a later revision, since you
> obviously have plenty of work ahead of you already.

  Yah, I would just as soon leave that to others if possible.

> I would not recommend including a primer for C. Keep your focus to the
> algorithms; it's a big job in itself. If you *do* write a C primer, I'd
> like to see it as a separate document that might eventually be expanded
> into a full guide to C programming.

  My words were unclear... I'm cocky, but I'm not that cocky :-).  I
meant a short list of gotchas (returning stack structs, 0 is not NULL,
odd operator precedence, etc.), which I thought at one point could be
helpful enough to a large part of the HOWTO's audience (talented but
inexperienced C programmers) that breaking the HOWTO's focus completely
was justified.  I'm inclined not to include it, but the inclination's
weak enough that I thought it bore mentioning.  Including a link to a
similar page now seems like a better idea, but the best thing I know of
is the Ten Commandments for C Programmers, which seems to be several
decades out of date.  Any ideas?

> Please consider licensing the "examples" under the GPL explicitly, rather
> than under whatever documentation license you use for the rest.

  I see no reason not to.

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