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Re: Source files of guides

From: "Poet/Joshua Drake" <poet@linuxports.com>
> We do not require SGML for guides.

I realize that, but I still think it is a good goal. It's low priority,
certainly. We have bigger fish to fry.

But what concerns me is that we have now "lost" the SGML for a guide which
formerly had it. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here; we're really
still trying to find out where it went. Maybe it's just not linked? Or
maybe Gerhard just hasn't sent it to us?

At the LDP Summit, I decided that I would devote my time and energy, for
the next year, to improving the state of our collection. My major goals
are to get the entire collection indexed, meta-data tagged, up to date,
proofread and verified for accuracy. If I can make significant progress on
any or all of those in a year, I'll be happy.

I have consistently evangelized DocBook SMGL for as many of our documents
as possible. In fact, the very first volunteer work I did here was DocBook
markup. Getting documents into DocBook allows for indexing and meta-data,
and I would hate to see our indexing efforts held up because too many
documents are only available in opaque formats. So whether or not we
"require" SGML, I am personally going to keep on asking for it.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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