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Re: Quality 101 "backgrounder" draft ready

David Merrill wrote:
> Kevin Cullis wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >
> > How can I send my quality 101 draft with graphics to you all for
> > comments? I have a number of graphics to be used and I use Star Office
> > 5.2 for my preliminary work.
> Why don't you post it on a website? Graphics would eat up a lot of
> bandwidth.

Greg asked me for the draft to post it on the metalabs site for all to
see and comment, which I've forwarded it to him.  It's a very rough
draft with the key points and I've already made changes to what I've
sent him.

> > David, I decided since I've been on a number of Linx sites and most
> > don't know what I'm talking about, I'd thought I'd postpone my
> > cataloging work until this is finished.  This will hopefully have a
> > greater impact and is quicker to do.
> I'm not sure whether I agree with this or not. I still don't know what
> you plan on doing in the Quality 101 project. :)

Check out what I've written when Greg posts it.

> I do see the cataloging project as something that could be really
> positive for us.

Absolutely!!  But what I've found is that most people get to much detail
before a basic theory or philosophy is understood. I belong to a number
of Linux mailing lists and most don't have a clue as to what QA is, so,
undertanding where I'm coming from is more important at the moment where
there is common ground of understanding than doing work: thinking comes
before doing.  Besides, the Quality 101 is only a small interruption to
the cataloging system, which is a much larger project for me.  The
cataloging system would also involve more than just me, hence, will take
more time to plan and execute.  By understanding "my" FAQ about quality,
people will begin to understand and apply what they've read.

By my guess, it's a short interruption at best, David.

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