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Re: LDP only has web site, or are there other programs?

>>>>> On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:35:03 -0700, Kevin Cullis <kevincu@orci.com> said:

    KC> I'm trying to use Zope for putting together a web site (started last
    KC> night) and was wondering if LDP is think if doing something like that?

Please don't do that to LDP!

Zope's evil... :-P

I think it's easier to maintain and mirror the site as it is now. Just
scp'ing a file here and there or ssh'ing to the machine and editing it
there. Zope might be good for some, but... 

And there are the flamewars: why Zope? Why not midgard? Why not XYZ?

See you,
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