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Announcing the minimalistic Template


The Big HOWTO template was designed for big HOWTOs and became big itself.
I had more or less expected people to customise it to fit their needs but
perhaps it was too daunting to start at. Therefore I took that Template
and pared it down to what I believe is the very minimum of requirements
for a HOWTO, things like title, abstract, email address and more.

Suggesting (dictating?) requirements is usually controversial so I am now
inviting you to have a look at it and give me feeedback:

	HTML	http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/mintplt.html
	SGML	http://www.nyx.net/~sgjoen/mintplt.sgml

When (or if) this is accepted I hope it can be included as a reference
in the LAG.

   Stein Gjoen


As many of you know I am also doing a bit on the publicity part for the
LDP. In addition to the LWN entries (latest one is now submitted) I have
also been hunting down broken mirrors and links outside the LinuxDoc
web. Latest success was the other day when Debian finally repaired the
links at Support/Documentation
by pointing to the LinuxDoc site, rather than a 404 somewhere else.

This usually takes a long time (For Debian about 6 weeks, do they not
check for 404 in their logs?) so I hope I can persuade someone else
to take over this part. Any volunteers?

Also I hear some recent distributions (Redhat?) no longer include
LDP archives, is this true??


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