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Dear Sir/Madam,
I will be so glad if you answer my following questions at your earliest :
1.      Generally, we copy the Windows installer from CD to hard disk to speed
up the installation procedure. Can I follow the same procedure to install Red
Hat 6.2 i.e. copy to hard disk and then install ?
2.      Can I use Linux (Red Hat 6.2) with Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows
ME at the same or different partition ?
3.      Please tell me the A to Z installation procedure of Red Hat 6.2 so that
I can run it with Windows 98 / Windows 2000 / Windows ME.
4.      Which is the best version of Linux to run with Windows 98 / Windows
/ Windows ME ?
5.      Where I can find driver for hardware since all of my hardware’s
installaton disks/cds contain the driver for windows, not for linux ?
6.      My Configuration is stated below:

a)      My Current Operating System     :       Microsoft Windows 98 (Version 
b)      Processor                               :       AMD K6  ˛˛ 400 MHz 3D
c)      SDRAM                           :       64 MB
d)      Mother Board                    :       Red Fox (Socket 7) Ali Aladin
e)      Hard Disk Drive                 :       Seagate 20 GB (IDE) with 3
f)      CD-ROM Drive                    :       Creative 40x
g)      AGP Card                                :       Trident 3D Image 9750
PCI / AGP (4 MB)
h)      Sound Card                              :       Creative AWE 64
i)      Modem                           :       GM336E  V
j)      Monitor                         :       Philips 104B (14”)
k)      Printer                         :       Canon BJC  240
l)      Scanner                         :       Prolink ScanOffix
m)      Keyboard                        :       Serial
n)      Mouse                           :       A4 Tech (PS/2)

-Thanking you
Mohammed Hasan Reza
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