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Re: broken links on linuxdoc.org

David Merrill wrote:

> It wouldn't be too hard to write a script to verify URLs in the HTML
> versions posted online, right? I know I wrote such a script for my
> employer last year. Unfortunately, I no longer have it. :(

Certainly true. What I did was to peruse the net and settled for
JWZ's neat little perl-script. Rather than reinventing the wheel
I wrote what I called a micro-HOWTO for how best to use it:
Sample output is available:

My Multi Disk HOWTO has about 200 links; it is too painful to check
by hand.

> This would catch these types of errors before they become a problem for
> users.

I announced the micro-HOWTO but it probably didn't make much of an
impact, though I had hoped it would be accepted into the
Author's Area of the LinuxDoc site.

Not all authors can do these scans conveniently; I proposed some time
ago to do this automatically, and mail the results to the authors.
Any script gurus out there?

   Stein Gjoen

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