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Re: Addresses (was: Virtual-Services-HOWTO)

Le dim, 05 nov 2000, Sandy Harris a écrit :
> Afra wrote:
> > ... I have tried to
> > contact the authot of the Virtual-Services-HOWTO. His email address is
> > brian@nycrc.net, however upon sending him email I get a failure notice
> > stating that the mail host is unknown.
> Would it be useful to create an alias at linuxdoc.org for howto authors.
> In this case:
> 	virtual-services@howtos.linuxdoc.org

a lot of time ago somebody made this proposal, but I tried the address and
never got an answer, probably this have not been done.

any howto author could have a ldp address (as so there whould no more be
authors desapearing)

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