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Re: Future LDP contribution

Hi Gawain,

I'm currently working on a Squid HOWTO, which will probably see a first
release in another month or so.  That's not to say you'd be stepping on
my toes by writing a document of the sort you describe, at all.  Just
thought you'd like to know of a similar effort underway with regard to
Squid, to avoid duplication of effort when possible.  My HOWTO will
address both the Red Hat way and the tarball way of setting up a Squid.

Gawain.Lynch@felicity-consulting.com.au wrote:
> Hi,
> I have people constantly asking using me as somewhat of a helpdesk
> when it comes to getting their Linux box up and running as a NAT
> enabled packet filter, Squid proxy and Sendmail mail relay.  OK, so
> far nothing new there are at least 4 HOWTO's I can think of that cover
> relevant material and ordinarily I would concede that anything further
> is overkill.
> However I am proposing somewhat of a "Cook Book" on getting say a
> RedHat box make it safe, make it secure, make it minimalistic etc.  An
> not to mention the amount of Usenet I have read in my time where
> people, one tool at a time (usually weeks apart...) ask the same
> questions on firstly how to set up an ipchains ruleset for the a fore
> mentioned config.  Then evolution takes us to Squid, maybe a bit of a
> walk in the park after ipchains, but hell there is Sendmail to come!
>  And if you have ever spent much time with Sendmail then I think you
> know where I am coming from.
> In the process of helping and also doing myself I have accumulated a
> ton of written step by step documentation on these and more subjects,
> I can compile them for myself but I am wondering if others might
> benefit from my making the results of my eccentric toiling available
> to all.
> So yes to a point there is some crossover but I am not initially
> looking to write the definitive "every distribution on earth" HOWTO,
> but most people can get on to RedHat CD  easily so that is where I
> would like to start.
> Failing any thing here holding weight, I have several years experience
> working as both an engineer and consultant in large scale network
> design and management etc and would be happy to direct some time to
> help existing projects in these areas.

                     Joe Cooper <joe@swelltech.com>
                 Affordable Web Caching Proxy Appliances

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