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Re: I would like to submit an official HOWTO

From: "Sean Edwards" <sjedward@cityscape.net>
> My name is Sean Edwards and I would like to submit an official HOWTO to
> LDP.  I have used Linux for about six years, and HOWTO's are a vital
> of my collection of documentation and resources.
> The HOWTO I would like to submit will document how to build a network
> server appliance.  If someone else is working on this, I will drop the
> idea.  If you think this to be a worthy topic, please tell me how to

It sounds like it might make a good HOWTO. I'd like to see an outline for
what you propose to write, though. "Network server appliance" could mean a
lot of things.

We have written the LDP Author Guide, which is intended to give you all
the information you need to get started. Please read it. It's at:


If you have any problems, let the list know, and we'll 1) help you and 2)
improve the LAG.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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