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Re: I would like to submit an official HOWTO

David Merrill wrote:
> From: "Sean Edwards" <sjedward@cityscape.net>
> > I saw in the LDP Author Guide how to submit projects in Word
> > Perfect.  Currently I am using StarOffice 5.2 for Linux, and I do not
> see
> > any documentation about StarWriter and SGML or XML.  Do you know of any
> > SGML/XML support in StarOffice 5.2?
> AFAIK, WP for Windows has DocBook/SGML support, but WP for Linux does
> *not*. This has been stated several times by others on this list; I don't
> have first-hand knowledge.

This is correct.  Actually, the WP-for-windows style of SGML support
exists in tksgml/epcedit (www.tksgml.de I think).

> You can use any editor or word processor you like. Everybody here has
> their own preferred environment. I just use a text editor.
> I'm cc'ing this to the list, as I don't know about StarOffice support. I
> don't think there is any, but I could just be ignorant of it. Maybe
> somebody else can give you a definitive answer.

I have not seen any SO support for SGML *yet*, but this may change.
Also be aware that the LDP is accepting XML DocBook 4.1.2, so XML editors
can also be used.  HOWEVER, just because an editor says it supports XML,
doesn't mean it can handle the DocBook DTD.

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