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howto request


a little explanation:
over the past month or so, i've been asked by a bunch of my friends 
repetitive questions.. so i decided to write a webpage on the questions they 
asked.. and then i figured i might as well try to make it into a 'howto' - 
or atleast a 'mini-howto'.

my question:
would this be any use to you? it focuses (right now.. it will soon be made 
usable in most of the popular distros) on redhat 6.x with dialup internet 
access..  i posted the link on linuxnewbie.org and the first couple days it 
received a good 250 hits.. but i haven't gotten that much feedback yet..  
i'm online a good portion of the day and if anyone emails me changes or 
suggestions i'll usually have them up by the days end :)

anyways-- the website right now is: http://www.fandelem.com/nhf.html

it's not in SGML, however.. i have never worked with SGML.. but i spent an 
hour or so making it look like howto's usually look, if that's anything to 
consider :)

thanks for your time in advance,

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