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Update of Installation and Getting Started

Hi LDPFolks,

Because it seems like there's an information gap between commercial
distros and the specialized topics that the guides and HOWTOs cover,
I've been thinking of updating the Installation and Getting Started,
version 3.2, to bring it into line with current Linux admin practices.
Also, the original source was LaTeX, and I'd like to translate that
into DocBook and LDP.  

I'd like some feedback before I pursue the subject much further,
because I'd like to know 1) if anyone is already working on it; 2) how
it would fit in with currently available guides, and commercially
available reprints, like those from Red Hat, SSC, and (I think) Walnut
Creek; and 3) what topics you might think would be appropriate,
without overlapping too much with the existing guides; for example,
some basic PPP and network server configuration, but a referral to
further information in the NAG's; also X server configuration updated
for XFree86 4.0, placing desktop environments in their own section;
printing and print server configuration; expanded system
administration section; and, for the "Installation" portion,
non-configurator installation steps, as distribution-independent as
possible, to allow for users to make intelligent choices that an
installation program might not be able to handle.

You can find version 3.2 in the LDP archives, on metalab, and at my
site, listed in the .sig.  There's also a very generic version
that is (or was) archived by SSC.

Finally, if any of the other authors from 3.2 are reading this, or you
think they might be interested in participating, please let me know.
I haven't corresponded with mdw, the original author, in particular,
for a few years, and don't know if he's now participating in LDP or

Thanks in advance!

Robert Kiesling
Linux FAQ Maintainer 
http://www.mainmatter.com/linux-faq/toc.html  http://www.mainmatter.com/

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