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Manifesto / policy issues

What is the current status of the Manifesto? I've seen some
conversation, and lots of good suggestions for improvements. My
understanding is that we have a pretty good general agreement on it, so
let's not drop the ball and let the new version just disappear.

Does anyone still have any major outstanding problems with the new
Manifesto, as last posted to the list?

Guylhem, or whoever has made the suggested changes, will you please
repost the revised version so everyone can eyeball it and yea/nay it?

David Lawyer, I know you had several issues with the text as we drafted
it at the summit, and I think by and large they were valid ones. I
didn't agree with exactly *everything* you had to say, but I don't
expect to. We don't have to agree on absolutely everything. This was the
reason I stressed at the summit that the Manifesto should *really* be a
guideline, not a straitjacket for authors.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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