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RE: [Fwd: Re: Looking for Andrea Controzzi]

Hi all,

On 11-Nov-00 David Merrill wrote:

> Looks like the PLIP-mini-HOWTO is unmaintained. Does somebody want to
> try the Deja search?

I did it, and what I've found is this signature:

 Andrea "Kontorotsui" Controzzi - MALE Doctor in Computer Science
 Pisa   -   Italy   -   E-mail: kontorotsui@net-service.it
 My home page: http://www.cli.di.unipi.it/~controzz/intro.html

I already wrote him .. let's see what comes next.
By the way .. since I've been bored yesterday I translated the PLIP howto
into german language .. I'd do that maintainance job if he doesn't
contact us.


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