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Re: Manifesto License Requirements (was Re: Manifesto / policy issues)

At 07:58 11-13-2000 -0800, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> >     * Content modification must be allowed, although non-modifiable
> >       parts are permitted
>         I don't agree with this. It conflicts with the non-free section
>that has been agreed on.
> >     * Redistribution, both commercial and noncommercial, must be allowed
> >     * The license must propagate to derived works
>         This also conflicts with the non-free section we agreed on.

It will not apply to the non free section.

>Electronic distribution yes. Commercial Paper distribution no. If the
>author chooses.

Both requirements must be fulfilled for a doc to qualify as free. Else it 
can still go to nonfree without any restriction.

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