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I'm impressed and grateful for the LDP.

I rather like the standard of producing documentation in html trees, since
everyone has a

O'Reilly's cd's are nice,too.

One of the great features of O'Reilly's cd's, however, is the search engine
and index.

In the best of all possible worlds, you folks would index everything as
neatly and distribute a search engine with the documents -

however - next best thing I've found, and a lot better than grepping all the
files, is a windows based search and replace utility I recently found on
Tucows.  It's also available from the author's site, free for noncommercial
use.  "Inforapid Search & Replace," www.inforapid.com.  Unfortunately, it
looks like the author may have ceased development, and I can see some
shortcomings, but it's certainly the best I've seen for the price.

I store all my doc on a linux samba server, but have to work mostly in
windows (even as a unix sysadmin), but it's easy to search trees on a mapped

I'm sure there are other good tools out there, maybe some better, and would
be happy to hear about them.

Best wishes & continued success.

Greg Martin.

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