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Framebuffer-HOWTO maintainer?


I can't reach the maintainer of the FrameBuffer-HOWTO.

I had the following comment to make. Hope somebody listens..

Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 18:50:27 +0100 (MET)
To: alex.buell@tahallah.demon.co.uk
Subject: FrameBuffer-HOWTO: XF86_FBDev

Hi there!

Thanks for a great HOWTO!

I have used it (together with other web sources) to get X running on my
Toshiba 1710CDS laptop. Following your instructions, I made it... I am
using RedHat 6.2.

The Mach64 server should but did not work, so I decided to try fbdev.
The ATI Fb support in the kernel did not work for my card, so I changed to
VESA. Booting went fine, but X gave me:

fbdevScreenInit: Invalid Argument

which after having searched a loong time (finally, google found it for me),
could be resolved by changing the Screen section to:

Section "Screen"
        Driver          "FBDev"
        Device          "Primary Card"
        Monitor         "Primary Monitor"
	DefaultColorDepth 24
        SubSection      "Display"
                Modes           "default"
		Depth            24

matching my fb mode choice of 800x600x24

This is an X bug, but well worth noting.

Perhaps you should add this to the HOWTO?

/Mikael Nilsson

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