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Re: Framebuffer-HOWTO appears to be unmaintained

From: "David Merrill" <dcmerrill@mindspring.com>
> Just did a Google search. Found that he has been posting to
> Found his home page. Looks like our domain is wrong. Instead of
> tahallah.demon.co.uk, his home page lists tahallah.clara.co.uk. So I'll
> try emailing him again!

Heard back from Alex, and he is alive and well. I asked him to update the
HOWTO with his new contact information, and to consider applying a free
license. He's currently using the very old LDP license that is ambiguous.

So the Framebuffer-HOWTO is maintained. Glad this is all cleared up. ;)

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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