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new mini-howto - 'bootstrap' debian install with redhat/tomsrtbt/etc

According to the docs, this list is the first step in creating a howto, so
here goes..

I am working on a mini-howto on installing debian using redhat (more
drivers at boot) or tomsrtbt as a bootstrap.  The premise is you have a
tomsrtbt or redhat install or rescue kit that has all the drivers you need
(or at least hd/cd/network) and you want to install debian.

Basic steps are:
Install debian onto a spare partition of another machine, but stop at the
first reboot.
Tar that partition up and save it off to the network (or a cd)
Boot the working disks/cdrom on the problem machine and partition it
Download and untar the 'base kit' created earlier.
Edit /etc/fstab and such to match new system, rerun lilo. 

I'm figuring when all is said and done, it'll be about 15 pages.

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