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Re: Copyrights, plagiarism and other nonsense


> 1.  All the documents must be in a single format which is easily convertible
> to many others.  If the author does not wish to write in this format then a
> "maintainer" should be appointed to convert the document from the author's
> chosen format to the LDP format.

That is what is supposed to happen.

> 2.  If the author is not willing to publish under the LDP's copyright they
> can publish elsewhere.  If necessary, develop several licenses which allow
> differing levels of "protection."
> If the LDP does not protect itself by requiring the authors to use it's
> copyright then it will eventually be a collection of untouchable, out of date
> documents.  If authors feel these copyrights are to loose then perhaps said
> authors should reexamine their intentions for publishing to the LDP and
> consider publishing elsewhere.
> Yes.  It is that simple.

I can only say - and very laconically - that I agree. It is really
simple isn't it?

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