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RE: tag for translators?

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> From: kss@kldp.org [mailto:kss@kldp.org]
> Yes...English itself is the biggest barrier to most 
> non-Englist linuxers.
> (including me!! :-)
> So we Koreans are doing much translations day by day
> but one thing I've wondering was that why the LDP author guide doesn't
> have a note for translators.

This is probably something that should be addressed in the LAG.  Would you
like to write a section on this?  :-)

> Currently, we changed the Norman Walsh's DocBook stylesheet a 
> bit little
> and using the <editor> tag to specify the translator.

The GDP does something a bit different.  Here's a snippit from their
application template:

  <!-- translators: uncomment this:

   <holder>ME-THE-TRANSLATOR (Latin translation)</holder>


> My question is
> 1. Is there any specific tag in DocBook that was created for 
> translators?

Nope, not really.

> 2. If not, how do you(non-English LDP maintainers) make your 
> DocBook sgml source? What is the best way to specify the translator?

The above is what's done at GNOME, I haven't heard much from the other LDP
translators, but there are certainly some here.  (Godoy, Arnold?)

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