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Re: documentation

On Dec 3,  2:41pm, Brian Stephenson wrote:
> Subject: documentation
> Hi
>     I am thinking of writing a howto for the LinuxBIOS project,
> I am currently obtaining and organising information for this,
> but I am completely new when it comes to documentation,
> I just started looking at the requirements on the web site and
> hopefully should get started soon.
> I envisage the first document to be a mini howto as it only
> involves one type of hardware, with many more to come
> later.
> any tips would be most welcome.

Start with the LDP Author Guide:


In our "author's resources" area


there are pointers to various helpful documents/books

   DocBook: The Definitive Guide, by Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner

   Using DocBook HOWTO, by Jorge Godoy

and there also pointers to downloadable template files for
HOWTOs (in DocBook and Linuxdoc SGML).

(I'll add your info to the "docs in progress" page).

Let me know if you have any questions.


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