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Hi there,
                I was recently trying to set-up a web camera on a Linux box
(unfortunatelly, the camera is not yet operational as we still have to buy a
new camera, so I cann't demonstrate) however I have succesfully managed to
set it up and it seems to work quite smoothly. I was also asked to write a
small documentation on the set-up so I thought I could contribute at the
same time a Linux mini-HowTo.
(I am doing a PhD at the Electronics System Enginnering Department of the
University of Essex, and the webcam will be on the web pages of the lab that
I am working, but since other labs would like to do so they ask me to write
the documentation too.)

I have checked and there is no such HowTo, however I am not an expert on
Linux (just an enthusiast who has spend a few years as a Linux user) or on
video4linux. I believe that it will work for other hardware because of the
common video4linux interface. I will have some feedback too since other labs
will probably folow my documantation.

Please, let me know if that mini-HowTo will be of any use to the Linux
community and if so what is the procedure that I have to follow.

Best Regards,
George Tsilikas.

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