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HOWTO filenames

I had a few comments from a LDP user (Bill Staehle, cc'ed on
this msg) a while ago concerning the filenaming convention used
for HOWTOs.

He pointed out that a handful of entries do not contain the
"-HOWTO" suffix, while the majority do. I did a quick check and
noted that these do not follow the convention:

  Boot+Root+Raid+LILO    Cable-Modem     Cyrus-IMAP     INFO-SHEET
  ISP-Setup-RedHat       META-FAQ        XDMCP

Likewise, in the 'mini' category, the convention is generally
to use no suffix, but stick to simply the basename (ie, "Swap-Space",
"BogoMips", etc.). Again, a handful have the words "HOWTO" or
"mini" as part of their filename:

   Divert-Sockets-mini-HOWTO     Home-Network-mini-HOWTO
   Lego-HOWTO                    LinuxGL-QuakeWorld-mini-HOWTO
   NFS-Root-Client-mini-HOWTO    Nvidia-OpenGL-Configuration-mini-HOWTO
   Partition-Rescue-mini-HOWTO   Wacom-USB-mini-HOWTO

So for consistency's sake, when doing directory listings from the
command-line, or to know immediately what you are viewing, etc.;
the request is to adopt a standard naming convention and stick to it.

(We would also add this information into the LDP Author Guide.)

Are there any comments on this? I realize some bookmarks and links
might break...

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

Greg Ferguson     - s/w engr / mtlhd         | gferg at sgi.com
SGI Tech Pubs     - http://techpubs.sgi.com/ |
Linux Doc Project - http://www.linuxdoc.org/ | gferg at metalab.unc.edu

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