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date formats

The LAG, section 6.1, says that:

The <pubdate> tag in your header should be in the following format:

v1.0, 21 April 2000

This seems strange to me. The version number has nothing to do with
the date of publication. The example in DocBook:TDG uses only the year
of publication here, but doesn't give specific enough information to
know whether this is the recommended usage. Anybody know?

I take it, literally, to mean that this applies only to the <pubdate>
tag. What about other date tags, particularly the date in revhistory?

    <date>27 de janeiro de 2000</date>  <- taken from example.sgml

This particular example also brings up another wrinkle - language.
If we are using month names, then they could be in many different
languages. Using a standard ISO date format would mean fewer
differences in the dates:


not to mention being easier to parse in scripts.

Is there already a "standard" in place for this that I'm unaware of?
If so, let me know and I'll add it into the same section of the LAG as
the <pubdate> reference. If not, let's set one, please.


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