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Publishing books

Bob Chassell was at the LDP Summit, and he initially expressed an
interest in publishing some of the LDP documents back then. He's still
interested, so I'm forwarding his email to the list.

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The Free Software Foundation would like to publish several books
incorporating the extremely good information in your HOWTOs.  

The goal is to create a `shelf' of useful books.  These books would be
promoted in a major journal -- excerpts might be published there --
and would, we hope, go into major bookstores.  And, of course, the
sources would be included in various distributions and on Web sites.

The works would be distributed under the GNU Free Documentation
License, thereby protecting both authors and readers, the former from
losing their reputation and the latter from artificial obsolescence.

My plan is to combine related HOWTOs, edit them (I hope minimally),
and create a coherent book.  We would need permission from the authors
to sign their names on the works, the appropriate non-exclusive
copyright assignments, and sign-offs from whomever else, such as a
university or employer, who might claim to have legal right to an
author's work.

We might start with just one title; but I am thinking in terms of four
to six different books, so we could make intelligent plans for a

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