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Re: Does the LDP have a document reviewing tool?

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 12:11:25PM -0600, George Kraft wrote:
> Does the LDP have a document reviewing tool?
Not that I know of.
> I'm looking for a PHP tool that will allow the user to select a
> book, chapter, section, line number of a document then enter a
> comment.   Afterwards, I would like the editor to be able to read
> them back in sequential order.
> I think this might be useful for the LDP to have to review its
> documentation.

Right now the reader is supposed to directly email the author with
corrections, suggestions, etc.  It seems to work OK except where the
author has changed email addresses or doesn't list his/her email
address in the doc.  We don't have enough volunteers to review the
docs so it's mainly each author that needs to get feedback from
readers of the doc.
			David Lawyer

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