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Re: <figure> and <alt> tag

On Jun 1, 11:10am, Mark Komarinski wrote:
> Subject: <figure> and <alt> tag
> Can I have an <alt> with a <figure><graphic> tag?  nsgmls seems
> to complain and say I can only use it with <inlineequation>.
> Or is there some better way to have a text description of an image?

>From DocBook:The Definitive Guide:


   One of the deficiencies of the DocBook Graphic element is that
   there is no way to specify an alternate text description of the
   graphic. This has been rectified by the introduction of MediaObject


   In DocBook V5.0, MediaObject will replace Graphic.

I did not look at MediaObject in detail, but hopefully this will
give you a place to start looking.


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