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Help needed with conversion to text and html


I am using debian. My Wine-HOWTO was written in debiandoc sgml. Now I
tried to convert to docbook.
There are several problems:

1. nsgmls -Wall -s Wine-doc.sgml gives a warning:

nsgmls -wall -s wine-doc.sgml
nsgmls:/usr/lib/sgml/dtd/cals-tbl.dtd:314:37:W: content model is mixed
but does not allow #PCDATA everywhere

2. When converting to Postscript text and HTML, the chapters are
unnumbered in text version an HTML-version. Especially for the text
version this is really ugly. Does anybody know, how to solve that

3. When converting with sgmltoos I get several warnings about illegal
characters and undefined references:

a) 1 time: "No file @3304.aux"
b) Several times: "LaTeX Warning: Reference '477' on pag 4 undefined
on input line"
c) lots of "! Text line contains an invalid character."

I use this to convert:
sgmltools -b ps -d wine-doc.sgml
sgmltools -b html -d wine-doc.sgml
sgmltools -b txt -d wine-doc.sgml

The commands only are executed if nsgmls gives no error.

The whole log file is available.



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