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Revision v0.0.122003-03-05Revised by: gml
Fleshed out questions that cover using mdadm, small formatting changes
Revision v0.0.112003-01-08Revised by: gml
Updated Archive Locations, information on when to patch, added a note about old patches being missing, removed question about the raidtools being dangerous (since they don't appear to be so labeled any longer).
Revision v0.0.1024 April 2001Revised by: gml
Added a new section and question about benchmarking.

This is a FAQ for the Linux-RAID mailing list, hosted on is gone, so don't bother looking for it. It's intended as a supplement to the existing Linux-RAID HOWTO, to cover questions that keep occurring on the mailing list. PLEASE read this document before your post to the list.

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1. Linux RAID FAQ