Chapter 19. Further reading

Contains lots of technical information, comments from the kernel

Slides by Jamal Hadi Salim, one of the authors of Linux traffic control

HTML version of Alexeys LaTeX documentation - explains part of iproute2 in great detail

Sally Floyd has a good page on CBQ, including her original papers. None of it is Linux specific, but it does a fair job discussing the theory and uses of CBQ. Very technical stuff, but good reading for those so inclined.

Differentiated Services on Linux

This document by Werner Almesberger, Jamal Hadi Salim and Alexey Kuznetsov describes DiffServ facilities in the Linux kernel, amongst which are TBF, GRED, the DSMARK qdisc and the tcindex classifier.

Yet another HOWTO, this time in Polish! You can copy/paste command lines however, they work just the same in every language. The author is cooperating with us and may soon author sections of this HOWTO.

IOS Committed Access Rate

>From the helpful folks of Cisco who have the laudable habit of putting their documentation online. Cisco syntax is different but the concepts are the same, except that we can do more and do it without routers the price of cars :-)

Docum experimental site(site)

Stef Coene is busy convincing his boss to sell Linux support, and so he is experimenting a lot, especially with managing bandwidth. His site has a lot of practical information, examples, tests and also points out some CBQ/tc bugs.

TCP/IP Illustrated, volume 1, W. Richard Stevens, ISBN 0-201-63346-9

Required reading if you truly want to understand TCP/IP. Entertaining as well.