Appendix A. History

Each version includes a few fixes and minor corrections, that need not to be repeatedly mentioned every time.

Revision History
Revision 0.73 Mar 2013Revised by: lnoor
New maintainer, Reformatted as DocBook XML, Checked, updated or replaced dead links.
Revision 0.6g11 Feb 2006Revised by: konst
Added AASM, updated FASM, added MIPS example to Quick Start section, added URLs to Turkish and Russian translations, misc URL updates
Revision 0.6f17 Aug 2002Revised by: konst
Added FASM, added URL to Korean translation, added URL to SVR4 i386 ABI specs, update on HLA/Linux, small fix in hello.S example, misc URL updates
Revision 0.6e12 Jan 2002Revised by: konst
Added URL describing GAS Intel syntax; Added OSIMPA(former SHASM); Added YASM; FAQ update.
Revision 0.6d18 Mar 2001Revised by: konst
Added Free Pascal; new NASM URL again
Revision 0.6c15 Feb 2001Revised by: konst
Added SHASM; new answer in FAQ, new NASM URL, new mailing list address
Revision 0.6b21 Jan 2001Revised by: konst
new questions in FAQ, corrected few URLs
Revision 0.6a10 Dec 2000Revised by: konst
Remade section on AS86 (thanks to Holluby Istvan for pointing out obsolete information). Fixed several URLs that can be incorrectly rendered from sgml to html.
Revision 0.611 Nov 2000Revised by: konst
HOWTO is completely rewritten using DocBook DTD. Layout is totally rearranged; too much changes to list them here.
Revision 0.5n07 Nov 2000Revised by: konst
Added question regarding kernel modules to FAQ, fixed NASM URLs, GAS has Intel syntax too
Revision 0.5m22 Oct 2000Revised by: konst
Linux 2.4 system calls can have 6 args, Added ALD note to FAQ, fixed mailing list subscribe address
Revision 0.5l23 Aug 2000Revised by: konst
Added TDASM, updates on NASM
Revision 0.5k11 Jul 2000Revised by: konst
Few additions to FAQ
Revision 0.5j14 Jun 2000Revised by: konst
Complete rearrangement of Introduction and Resources sections. FAQ added to Resources, misc cleanups and additions.
Revision 0.5i04 May 2000Revised by: konst
Added HLA, TALC; rearrangements in Resources, Quick Start sections. Few new pointers.
Revision 0.5h09 Apr 2000Revised by: konst
finally managed to state LDP license on document, new resources added, misc fixes
Revision 0.5g26 Mar 2000Revised by: konst
new resources on different CPUs
Revision 0.5f02 Mar 2000Revised by: konst
new resources, misc corrections
Revision 0.5e10 Feb 2000Revised by: konst
URL updates, changes in GAS example
Revision 0.5d01 Feb 2000Revised by: konst
Resources (former "Pointers") section completely redone, various URL updates.
Revision 0.5c05 Dec 1999Revised by: konst
New pointers, updates and some rearrangements. Rewrite of sgml source.
Revision 0.5b19 Sep 1999Revised by: konst
Discussion about libc or not libc continues. New web pointers and and overall updates.
Revision 0.5a01 Aug 1999Revised by: konst
Quick Start section rearranged, added GAS example. Several new web pointers.
Revision 0.501 Aug 1999Revised by: konstfare
GAS has 16-bit mode. New maintainer (at last): Konstantin Boldyshev. Discussion about libc or not libc. Added Quick Start section with examples of assembly code.
Revision 0.4q22 Jun 1999Revised by: fare
process argument passing (argc, argv, environ) in assembly. This is yet another "last release by Fare before new maintainer takes over". Nobody knows who might be the new maintainer.
Revision 0.4p06 Jun 1999Revised by: fare
clean up and updates
Revision 0.4o01 Dec 1998Revised by: fare
Revision 0.4m23 Mar 1998Revised by: fare
corrections about gcc invocation
Revision 0.4l16 Nov 1997Revised by: fare
release for LSL 6th edition
Revision 0.4k19 Oct 1997Revised by: fare
Revision 0.4j07 Sep 1997Revised by: fare
Revision 0.4i17 Jul 1997Revised by: fare
info on 16-bit mode access from Linux
Revision 0.4h19 Jun 1997Revised by: fare
still more on "how not to use assembly"; updates on NASM, GAS.
Revision 0.4g30 Mar 1997Revised by: fare
Revision 0.4f20 Mar 1997Revised by: fare
Revision 0.4e13 Mar 1997Revised by: fare
Release for DrLinux
Revision 0.4d28 Feb 1997Revised by: fare
Vapor announce of a new Assembly-HOWTO maintainer
Revision 0.4c09 Feb 1997Revised by: fare
Added section Do you need assembly?.
Revision 0.4b03 Feb 1997Revised by: fare
NASM moved: now is before AS86
Revision 0.4a20 Jan 1997Revised by: fare
CREDITS section added
Revision 0.420 Jan 1997Revised by: fare
first release of the HOWTO as such
Revision 0.4pre113 Jan 1997Revised by: fare
text mini-HOWTO transformed into a full linuxdoc-sgml HOWTO, to see what the SGML tools are like
Revision 0.3l11 Jan 1997Revised by: fare
Revision 0.3k19 Dec 1996Revised by: fare
What? I had forgotten to point to terse???
Revision 0.3j24 Nov 1996Revised by: fare
point to French translated version
Revision 0.3i16 Nov 1996Revised by: fare
NASM is getting pretty slick
Revision 0.3h06 Nov 1996Revised by: fare
more about cross-compiling - - See on sunsite: devel/msdos/
Revision 0.3g02 Nov 1996Revised by: fare
Created the History. Added pointers in cross-compiling section. Added section about I/O programming under Linux (particularly video).
Revision 0.3f17 Oct 1996Revised by: fare
Revision 0.3c15 Jun 1996Revised by: fare
Revision 0.204 May 1996Revised by: fare
Revision 0.123 Apr 1996Revised by: fare
Francois-Rene "Fare" Rideau creates and publishes the first mini-HOWTO, because "I'm sick of answering ever the same questions on comp.lang.asm.x86"