1. Introduction

This text, initially started back in 1993 as BogoMips Information Sheet, is retrievable in the most up-to-date version from its homepage at www.clifton.nl, and from the various Linux archives.

Translations from this English version (by Wim van Dorst) are reported to be available in Chinese, French (by Antoine Levavasseur), Hungarian (by Daczi László), Indonesian (by Mohammad Damt), Italian (by Federico Lucifredi), Russian (by Mikhail Korepanov), Spanish (by Juan Carlos Durán García), Slovak (by Filip Hroch) and several other languages (German, Norwegian, Polish, Japanese, Portugese), unfortunately without details yet, all from the appropriate archives.

An explanatory magazine article, titled 'the Quintessential Linux Benchmark,' was published in the Linux Journal, vol 21, January 1996. The BogoMips is also explained in the Jargon File and the Wikipedia.

New mini-Howto entries for unlisted CPUs will be highly appreciated. They can be sent by e-mail to the author Wim van Dorst

1.1. Colofon

This mini-Howto is currently written in Docbook XML 4.4. Early versions of the mini-Howto, in the '90s, were in plain ASCII text. Then in the last year of the '90, it was converted to then current HTML 3.x, upgraded later to HTML 4, and in 2000 further upgraded to Linuxdoc SGML. Since version v37 in 2004, the full blown Docbook XML is used, with the Linux Document Project XSL stylesheets, to better fit in with the other mini-Howtos and Howtos.

There is only one tool to edit the various files, and that is vi, the renowned Unix text editor. XML to xhtml conversion tools include xmlto and the xsl-stylesheets of the TLDP. For the Clifton website these sames tools and stylesheets are used; the different look and feel comes from the Clifton CSS.