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This section lists all the possible boot args pertaining to these older CD-ROM devices on proprietary interface cards. Note that this does not include SCSI or IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs. See the appropriate section(s) for those types of CD-ROMs.

Note that most of these CD-ROMs have documentation files that you should read, and they are all in one handy place: linux/Documentation/cdrom.

9.1 Old CD-ROM Driver Arguments

aztcd= Aztech Interface

cdu31a= CDU-31A and CDU-33A Sony Interface (Also Old PAS)

sonycd535= CDU-535 Sony Interface

gscd= GoldStar Interface

isp16= ISP16 Interface

mcd= Mitsumi Standard Interface

mcdx= Mitsumi XA/MultiSession Interface

optcd= Optics Storage Interface

cm206= Phillips CM206 Interface

sjcd= Sanyo Interface

sbpcd= SoundBlaster Pro Interface

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