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8. Information resources

8.1 Other documents of relevance

The HOWTOs are available from all mirrors of There is a Danish mirror at SunSite DK.

The German HOWTO (in German) by Winfried Trümper. A lot of other national HOWTOs such as Finnish, Spanish and Polish are also available in the native languages.

The Linux Keyboard and Console HOWTO by Andries Brouwer.

The ISO 8859-1 National Character Set FAQ and Programming for Internationalization (plus much more) by Michael Gschwind is available from this site.

8.2 FTP and Web sites

SSLUG (Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group) is a Swedish/Danish Linux user group. Their mailing list is a good place to get help with Linux in Danish (or Swedish.) They are also hosts for this document.

AUC in Ålborg is the home of SunSite DK which has the Debian and Red Hat distributions, the latest kernels, a mirror of the Linux Documentation Project and mirrors of and the GNU archive. There is also a mirror of the CTAN archive with everything you need to get TeX and LaTeX running.

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