3.1. A Re-Invogorated GRASS Management Model

In late 1997, a group at Baylor University took the lead in developing a new Website for GRASS. This quickly developing Website contains GRASS 4.1 source code and Sun Solaris binaries, GRASS 4.1 documentation, and an on- line manual. By November 1997 this site posted the first version of GRASS 4.2 source code and binaries currently for Sun Solaris) with Linux and Windows NT under consideration). GRASS 4.2 incorporates several enhancements from the CERL website, plus some of Baylor's own enhancements. Documentation for GRASS 4.2 is appearing; the group encourages cooperation in further development of GRASS, and is looking for partners. It hopes to use increased use of the World Wide Web in developing and managing GRASS. GRASS 5 development and compilation is underway. The site also links to the Blackland GRASS site at Texas A & M University, for those desiring very inexpensive access to GRASS for Windows 95.