Glibc Installation HOWTO

Kai Schlachter


Revision History
Revision 1.012004-03-19Revised by: KC
Initial Release, reviewed by LDP

Table of Contents
1. Preface
1.1. Copyright
1.2. Revision History
1.3. Thanks
2. Introduction
2.1. Why?
2.2. What?
3. Preparations
3.1. Stuff you will need
3.2. Special things you need to do
4. The installation of glibc itself
4.1. Obtaining and compiling the source
4.2. The installation
4.3. After the kernel is booted...
5. Troubleshooting—if something goes wrong...
5.1. Errors with configure or make while trying to compile glibc
5.2. Something goes wrong during make install