2.4. Configuring the Software

The OpenLDAP server sources are distributed with a configuration script for setting options like installation directories, compiler and linker flags. Type the following command on the directory where you unpacked the software:

./configure --help

This will print all options that you can customize with the configure script before you build the software. Some usefull options are --prefix=pref , --exec-prefix=eprefix and --bindir=dir, for setting instalation directories. Normally if you run configure without options, it will auto-detect the appropriate settings and prepare to build things on the default common location. So just type:


And watch the output to see if all went well

Tip: Sometimes you need to pass specific options to your configure script, like for example --with-tls (for enabling slapd to use a secure channel: LDAPS://). In this case, you might have your SSL/TLS libraries residing on a non-standard directory of your system. You can make the configure script aware of the libraries location changing you environment with the env command. Example: suppose you've installed the openssl package under /usr/local/openssl. The following command will build slapd with SSL/TLS support:

env CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/openssl/include \
      LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/openssl/lib \
      configure --with-tls ...

You can specify the following environment variables with the env command before the configure script: