Chapter 13. Recipes

Table of Contents
13.1. Setting up LVM on three SCSI disks
13.1.1. Preparing the disks
13.1.2. Setup a Volume Group
13.1.3. Creating the Logical Volume
13.1.4. Create the File System
13.1.5. Test the File System
13.2. Setting up LVM on three SCSI disks with striping
13.2.1. Preparing the disk partitions
13.2.2. Setup a Volume Group
13.2.3. Creating the Logical Volume
13.2.4. Create the File System
13.2.5. Test the File System
13.3. Add a new disk to a multi-disk SCSI system
13.3.1. Current situation
13.3.2. Prepare the disk partitions
13.3.3. Add the new disks to the volume groups
13.3.4. Extend the file systems
13.3.5. Remount the extended volumes
13.4. Taking a Backup Using Snapshots
13.4.1. Create the snapshot volume
13.4.2. Mount the snapshot volume
13.4.3. Do the backup
13.4.4. Remove the snapshot
13.5. Removing an Old Disk
13.5.1. Distributing Old Extents to Existing Disks in Volume Group
13.5.2. Distributing Old Extents to a New Replacement Disk
13.6. Moving a volume group to another system
13.6.1. Unmount the file system
13.6.2. Mark the volume group inactive
13.6.3. Export the volume group
13.6.4. Import the volume group
13.6.5. Activate the volume group
13.6.6. Mount the file system
13.7. Splitting a volume group
13.7.1. Determine free space
13.7.2. Move data off the disks to be used
13.7.3. Create the new volume group
13.7.4. Remove remaining volume
13.7.5. Create new logical volume
13.7.6. Make a file system on the volume
13.7.7. Mount the new volume
13.8. Converting a root filesystem to LVM 1
13.8.1. Boot single user
13.8.2. Run Parted
13.8.3. Reboot
13.8.4. Verify kernel config options
13.8.5. Adjust partition type
13.8.6. Set up LVM 1 for the new scheme
13.8.7. Create the Filesystem
13.8.8. Update /etc/fstab
13.8.9. Create an LVM 1 initial RAM disk
13.8.10. Update /etc/lilo.conf
13.8.11. Run LILO to write the new boot sector
13.8.12. Reboot to lvm
13.8.13. Add remainder of disk
13.9. Recover physical volume metadata

This section details several different "recipes" for setting up lvm. The hope is that the reader will adapt these recipes to their own system and needs.