4. MajorCool

MajorCool is a web-based interface to Majordomo allowing users to add and delete themselves from lists and manage lists that they own. The installation is fairly straightforward; all that need be done is to unzip the files, edit one line in the Configure script, and execute the script.

4.1. Extracting MajorCool

The latest files can be downloaded from Conveyance Digital.
[jarchie@kes jarchie]$ mkdir majorcool
[jarchie@kes jarchie]$ mv majorcool.tar.gz ./majorcool/
[jarchie@kes jarchie]$ cd majorcool/
[jarchie@kes majorcool]$ tar zxvf majorcool.tar.gz

4.2. Edit the Configure Script

Open Configure and
[jarchie@kes majorcool]$ vi Configure
change the line that reads
PERLBIN="/usr/local/bin/perl"	# How to start a perl script
to the proper location of perl
PERLBIN="/usr/bin/perl"		# How to start a perl script
otherwise, MajorCool will not be installed properly.

4.3. Installing MajorCool

When running the Configure script, if the default choice for an option is okay, simply pressing Enter will accept the default.
[root@kes majorcool]# ./Configure
The Configure script will ask you to hit Enter a few times, and then it will ask for the location of Majordomo and some more questions about the setup of your Web server.
What is the installation directory of Majordomo?
	[]: /usr/local/majordomo-1.94.5
Will place the MajorCool programs in /usr/local/majordomo-1.94.5.
What is the path to your Majordomo configuration file?
Using configuration file name '/usr/local/majordomo-1.94.5/majordomo.cf'
Where would you like temp files created when MajorCool runs?

MajorCool needs to install CGI programs, support files, and icons in
your Web server directories.
What is the root directory for your Web server?
	[]: /var/www

Where is the cgi-bin directory for your Web server?
Will place the programs in /var/www/cgi-bin.
What is your server's URL for '/var/www/cgi-bin'?
Where is the image directory for your Web server?
Will place the icons in /var/www/icons.
What is your server's URL for '/var/www/icons'?
	[/images]: /icons

Where is the root directory for documents on your Web server?
	[]: /var/www/html
The Configure script will ask other questions that are less critical. (The defaults are fine, but you might want to change a few settings to fit your preferences. Unlike some of the Web server questions, the meanings should be obvious from the context.) When the configuration file that the script generated from your answers is displayed, you should accept the new version.
Accept the new version? [yes|no|list|edit|diff]? y
The installation script will install the MajorCool files and run the majordomo cgi script which outputs the html file to the console. Check to see if the installation worked by viewing the majordomo cgi script from the web.
[jarchie@kes jarchie]$ lynx http://localhost/cgi-bin/majordomo