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This HOWTO explains what you should bear in mind when you are going to write on-line documentation -- a so-called man page -- that you want to make accessible via the man(1) command. Throughout this HOWTO, a manual entry is simply referred to as a man page, regardless of actual length and without sexist intention.

Table of Contents
1. A few thoughts on documentation
2. How are man pages accessed?
3. How should a formatted man page look?
4. How do I document several programs/functions in a single man page?
5. Which macro package should I use?
6. What preprocessors may I use?
7. Should I distribute source and/or already formatted documentation?
8. What are the font conventions?
9. Polishing your man page
10. How do I get a plain text man page without all that ^H^_ stuff?
11. How do I get a high quality PostScript man page?
12. How do I get `apropos' and `whatis' to work?
13. Copying conditions
14. Acknowledgements
15. Changelog